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Developed specifcally for Law Enforcement, Military and competition shooters who desire to push the limits on the pistol, and perform at a higher level. Students will learn critical pistol operations and advanced marksmanship skills that include; Vehicle engagements, solo hand operations, mediums, percentages, long range marksmanship, multiple targets, shooting on the move and many other topics. Students will leave this class with a higher level of confidence and skill set on the pistol.


COURSE TOPICS:                                                 

  • Safety and Handling

  • Shooter Assessment

  • Tactical Mindset

  • Core Fundamentals

  • Gear Placement

  • Pre Fire Preparation

  • Visual Processing

  • Emergency and Tactical Reloads

  • Shooting Positions

  • Malfunctions/Stoppages

  • High and Low Percentages

  • Barricades / Cover




  • Modern Semi Auto Pistol 

  • 300 Rounds of pistol ammo

  • Holster (Kydex Friction - no cross draw holsters)

  • 3 High Capacity Magazines (13 and up)

  • Double Magazine Pouch

  • Belt (firm leather or nylon)

  • Ear Protection and Eye Protection

  • Water and Lunch

  • Clothing appropriate for changing conditions

Date: Pending                           

Time: 8-5pm

Location: Bozeman-North

Cost: $250.00 - (Rates vary with student numbers)


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