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Investigative Services

GreenBranch Investigative Services is the best choice for private investigation services in the State of Montana. Our services include background checks, surveillance, fraud investigation, and more. We have more than 20 years of experience in all areas of Investigative Services. Our dedicated investigators/detectives are all licensed by the State of Montana’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and average more than 15 years of experience each. Moreover, all of our investigators have backgrounds in law enforcement, state and federal investigation, and/or the military. They apply the industry’s leading practices to our services and comply with all applicable laws. Call today for a free quote or to learn more about any of the following services.


MISSING PEOPLE People go missing all the time, and a quick look at the facts will give you an idea of how often they tend to go missing. In many cases, these missing people can only be found with the help of a private investigator.

You’d probably be surprised to find out that around 2,300 people in the United States go missing every day, and that’s not even counting Americans who went missing in other countries. In Montana alone, there are an average of 170+ reports on missing people every day. On the wider scope of things, that’s almost 840,000 reports on missing people in the United States every year.


Children are especially at risk of going missing. In fact, a child goes missing in the United States for every 40 seconds.  While almost 9 out of 10 of children that go missing are runaways, there are still cases where children went missing because they were abducted. In 2013 alone, there were over 2,000 reports on children that went missing in Montana. Moreover, Montana had over 70 reports of missing children in 2021.


According to statistics, 7 out of 10 abducted children that were murdered die within the first three hours of abduction. This means getting help from the police and getting information from parents can take up precious time. Private investigators can get to work faster and have more resources, which helps increase the chances that a child is found alive and safe.



INFIDELITY - While Montana is a vacation destination and home of, Big Sky Country", it’s also a place where infidelity is more likely to happen. Despite the low number of divorce cases in Montana, it ranks 42 in the top states list of US cities with the most adultery, ranking highest is New, York, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Austin. There were over 32 million accounts created on Ashley Madison, and the going consensus is that almost all of them were created by men. In Montana alone, there were over 30,456 accounts created, total. That's a lot, considering that the entire population of the state is 800,000.


Because of how prevalent infidelity is in the US, there’s always a high demand for private investigators. While most of the people hiring private investigators are spouses that are suspicious with the cheating partner, there are a small percentage of cases where the investigators were hired by the spouse’s family instead.


With average household incomes in Montana being lower than most of the other areas in the United States (statistics puts the average at around $30,000 per year), it’s not surprising that suspicious spouses would be more keen on keeping their income from being used on adultery. Private investigators can also help spouses make a better case when filing for a divorce, ensuring fairer distribution of property if they go through the divorce process.


BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS  - It’s important for employers to know more about the people they are hiring to make sure that their assets are protected and that they are getting people that are qualified for the job. Strict observance of regulations on employment eligibility are no trivial matter, with even minor violations that could cost a company thousands of dollars worth of penalties. Unfortunately, background checks with help from the police is not an options, and performing background checks without professional help may not yield enough information. This is when companies turn to private investigators for help.


Avoiding bad hires is mostly a matter of looking for bad flags – criminal records, cases of inappropriate work conduct, lack of valid requirements, false information on resume and so on. Private investigators use their network of contacts and access to public records to perform more intensive checks on individuals, and the results can be surprising:


Based on statistics, about 39% of all background checks on employees or job candidates yield at least one critical red flag. This is extremely important when managing a larger workforce because 18%  of violent crimes happen in the workplace. In terms of avoiding fraud, a comprehensive check is just as important, since the average company or organization can lose up to 5% of their revenue to occupational fraud. Even replacing a bad hire is just as costly, since the hiring process can be up to three times the monthly salary of the position that requires staff replacement.

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