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TAC 1 CARBINE was designed for those who already have a basic skill-set and understanding of the AR15/M4 rifle, and for those wanting to become more proficient and confident on the gun. Students will learn the Core Fundamentals of running the M4, proficient manipulation, home defense solutions, understanding mediums, mechanics & processing and a depth of other topics. All training will be taught in a professional and relaxed environment.




  • Safety and Handling

  • Tactical Mindset

  • Environmental Battle Zero

  • Gear Placement

  • Core Fundamentals

  • Turns & Pivots

  • Shooting Positions

  • Emergency and Tac-Reloads

  • Malfunctions/Stoppages

  • High and Low Percentages

  • Barricades / Cover




  • AR15/M4 variant rifle

  • 400 rounds of rifle ammo

  • 3-30 round rifle magazines

  • Sling for your rifle

  • Ear pro & eye pro

  • Rifle cleaning kit

  • Lunch & water

  • Clothing for all weather conditions

Montana tactical bozeman firearms

Date: Contact Us                         

Time: 8-5pm

Location: Bozeman-North

Cost: $200.00

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