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       Urban Escape and Adventure

If you had to choose 1 word to describe your life today, what would it be? Would it be, "fulfilled?" Or would it be, "empty" or "lacking." Do you crave adventure and excitement? Are you searching for something....more? If so, this course was created for you! Come learn valuable Field Craft all the while being pursued by surveillance teams and Op-Forces. Your team will have to acquire assets, problem solve, negotiate and improvise in order to complete your mission and avoid capture.





  • Team Building

  • Urban Escape

  • Operations Order

  • Mission Planning

  • Disguises / Low Profile

  • Recon / Surveillance

  • Seizing Assets

  • Escape and Evasion

  • Movement Techniques

  • Art of Persuasion 

  • Acquiring Assests 






DATE: July 21st

TIME:  8am to 3pm


COST:  $225.00 per team 



montana tactical training Bozeman

Contact us for course details!

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