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The Sniper Experience


Have you ever wondered what its like to be a Sniper. Have you wondered what its like to receive and plan for a mission? A mission where you covertly locate and set up a hide for Recon/Surveillance. This 1-DAY adventure course was developed for those wanting excitement and adventure, while learning valuable trade crafts. You will participate in, and carry out real-world missions with your team member. All gear is provided except individual camouflage tops and bottoms. Contact us for pricing and detailed info! 


  • Basic Rifle Operation

  • Ranging

  • Choosing a Rifle

  • Principles of Marksmanship

  • Shooting Positions

  • Known / Unknown Distances 

  • Field Craft and Camouflage

  • Mission Planning 

  • Spotting and Stalking 



DATE: Contact Us

TIME: 8am to 5pm

COST: $150.00


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