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Mountain Tactical G2G Rifle

New battle rifle from Mountain Tactical in Bozeman, Montana!

Being a protection specialist, full-time firearms and tactics instructor, worldwide protective services (WPS) instructor and former SWAT officer, I've had the opportunity to run a ton of different rifles over the years. Some worked and some didnt. After running all the major players and some smaller companies, I have come to favor a small hand full of companies. I've seen a bunch of start up companies that try to re-invent the wheel, if you will, and attempt to recreate a model that has consistently worked for over 50 years.

So when the guys and I at Mountain Tactical began talking about building a battle rifle that would run with DD, LWRC and BCO, we decided to keep it simple.When I worked for Academi (Blackwater USA) in the Firearms & Tactics Division, I really loved running my DDV5 because of how solid and reliable it is. So, when I took the Mountain Tactical G2G out for some range time, I had high expectations.

First drill...1-5 in under 3 seconds, 4 times in a row. This is a pretty good quality control test for any battle rifle. Well, the Mountain Tactical G2G ran flawlessly without a single stoppage or hiccup of any kind. I tried to get it to fail in every way possible. It ran like a champ. Very solid and felt awesome. Just by picking it up, you can feel the quality of the rifle. I have to mention that this was the first 5.56 rifle they built and tested. For a first prototype rifle to stand up to that kind of testing is beyond impressive.

So, thanks to the guys at Mountain Tactical for an outstanding battle rifle!

Production on these rifles start in May-June.

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