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Slide stop...or slide release?


hat helped a little. But looking back I see how ancient the methods were. I remember him telling me, "never use the "slide stop"....ever." Something about energy and ergonomics. I bought it and ran with it until 2001 when I met Brian, Chuck and Brett. These guys opened my eyes to the shooting industry and how to not just "shoot", but "run" a firearm. Brian and Chuck were both Army Special Forces-ODA and Brett was an unbelievable competition shooter. So I had the best of both worlds when it came down to shooting buddies.I have been discussing this topic for 14 years now. I bought my first pistol in 1996 (Glock 21) and had no idea how to "run" it. Sure, I could load and fire it. But I needed further training. I was shown a few things by a retired FBI Agent. Looking back I see how ancient the methods were even back then.


Ok, so back to the topic at hand. By the time I met the boys I had been shooting in law enforcement for a couple years. During that time I developed some bad habits and didnt even know it. The boys introduced me to an entire new world of shooting and tactics. Now, the SLIDE RELEASE. Yes, I call it the Slide Release. I tell students if Glock, HK, SIG or SW didnt want us to use the Slide Release, then why put it right where our thumbs can reach it. Why not put it internally or where we cant use it? Also, big point folks....why do they put serrations on it? When you run empty, do you have to do anything with the slide release or does it operate independantly (lock the slide to the rear)? It locks to the rear on its own...yes. So, the argument in reference to the serrations being there to lock it to the rear is bunk.


Ok, to wrap up I listed the top reason why I use the SLIDE RELEASE!

1. Its faster...and time is life

2. Its right next to your primary thumb / support thumb

3. You can reference your front sight

4. Its more ergonomic 

5. Its the same size as your magazine release

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