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LE Carbine/Rifle Instructor


This intensive 30-hour course consists of current industry instruction and in-depth practical exercises focused on the specific needs of the law enforcement rifle instructor, the use and application of the rifle as it pertains to law enforcement, and the knowledge to instruct others in its operation and maintenance. 



TOPICS: Adult learning, teach backs, course design and

considerations, mindset and awareness, instructional

methodology, diagnosing shootererrors, explain-

demonstrate-replicate philosophy, choosing a rifle, 7

core fundamentals, marksmanship, stress course design,

generalmaintenance and gear considerations.



PREREQUISITES: Students must be full-time peace

officers, or active duty military personnel. Students

should have a working knowledge of the AR15/M4

5.56 or AR10/308 platform. Students must be certified

Firearms Instructors to attend.



PRESENTATION HOURS: This is a 30-hour course that runs from 0800 to 1800 daily. There will be one 2-hour night-lab course of instruction on day 3.







  • Agency approved patrol rifle (AR-15/M4)

  • Rifle sling

  • 900 rounds factory ammunition

  • 100 rounds of pistol ammunition

  • Three 20/30 round rifle magazines

  • Weapon mounted / hand held flashlight

  • Pistol with duty belt

  • Three pistol magazines

  • Cleaning equipment for both firearms

  • Eye and ear protection 

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