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Mountain Tactical G2G - Accessories


Being a firearms and tactics instructor at the largest privately owned tactical and pre-deployment training center (Academi - Blackwater USA) I had the opportunity to T&E just about every accessory out there. Sights, optics, slings, holsters, mags, rifles and pistols, I've tried almost everything out there. Having this opportunity to try so many accessories has given me some favorites. Here is a list of what I currently run on all my battle rifles, including my new Mountain Tactical G2G 5.56. 


  • SLING: VTac 2 point or Blue Force 2 point

  • OPTIC: Aimpoint Micro H1 2-moa

  • SIGHTS: Troy HK style fixed front and fixed rear (I run fixed because I dont want to have to flip anything up when my tube goes down)

  • RAIL: 12" or 13" modular or quad rail (on a 16" barrel)

  • STOCK: Magpul CTR or UBR

  • MAGS: GI Aluminum (I think they load a little faster, metal on metal theory)

  • FLASH HIDER: Surefire FH556 or Smith Ent. Vortex


Favorite range wear/gear

  • FOOTWEAR: Lowa Zephyr

  • TAC-BELT:  First Spear Assaulter w/ Tactical Tailor Pad

  • HOLSTER: Safariland 7TS for Glock 17

  • PANTS: Vertx OG Tactical

  • SOCKS: Smartwool (year round)

  • UNDER BELT: Galco SB2 Leather

  • JACKET: Mountain Hardwear Maximalist Gore-Tex




Other random favorites to run on the carbine!

  • Super Semi-Automatic Trigger Overview


The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) Trigger is the semi-auto only version of a select fire trigger that Geissele makes for U.S. SOCOM. The SSA is a non-adjustable combat trigger, it is not a match trigger. The second stage break is like a carrot rather than an icicle. Suitable for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and mid-range carbine work, the Geissele SSA is also the perfect trigger for Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) rifles. 

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