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The Executive Protection (EP) course was designed and developed for security personnel who are tasked with protecting clients either in the US or abroad. Also known as Close Protection, these agents may be assigned to a CEO, celebrity, high net worth individual or any other domestic or visiting dignitary.


We focus intently on the corporate/private sector as opposed to overseas High Threat Protection that is carried out in the more hostile regions of the world. This 3-day course will introduce students to a wide variety of current training topics that will prepare them to work with any professional protection team.



  • Industry Insights

  • Threat/Risk Assessments

  • Counter Surveillance (CS)

  • Protective Surveillance

  • Low Profile Operations

  • Attack Recognition

  • Formations

  • Advances and Site Surveys

  • Venue Security Operations

  • Contingency Planning


                                                                                                 Contact us to schedule this course, or for general inquiries!                                                                    


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