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COVERT CARRY (Concealed)


This 2-day intensive course was designed for those wanting to further their training and skill-set in covert carry. This course will take students to the next level in their abilities within the covert carry environment. Focus will be on mindset and awareness, duty and obligation, deploying from concealment, every day carry, marksmanship, manipulations and speed. These fundamental covert carry skills are developed further through the added integration of practical and proven training. *Students will shoot an average of 400 rounds per day and draw their pistols over 400 times per day, from every carry option and condition.


  • Mindset and awareness

  • Choosing a pistol

  • Everyday carry

  • Printing and exposure

  • Gear placement

  • Percentages

  • Carry considerations

  • Manipulations

  • Pistol deployment

  • Vehicle tactics

  • Communication with police

Date: Contact Us                         

Time: 8-5pm

Location: Bozeman-North

Cost: $325.00  (2-Day)

Need Gear? 
We understand the cost involved in attending a firearms training course. You can now rent all or individual items required for all training courses. This includes pistols, magazines, rifles, belts, mag pouches and protective equipment. Contact us for more details and prices!

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