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Concealed Carry (CCP) Permit

This is the class that is required by the local Sheriffs Office to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit. This class is comprised of 20% classroom and 80% range time (8-hours total) with additional scenerio time on the range. Classroom time involves two hours of discussion on the legal aspects of using deadly force in self-defense situation and the laws concerning where a concealed pistol may not be carried. The remainder of the class time will be on a live fire range covering firearms safety, nomenclature, decision making as well as marksmanship fundamentals.


Before completing this class the participant shall pass a test regarding the legalities of carrying a concealed pistol and the use of deadly force. In addition, the student must demonstrate how to safely load, unload and handle a pistol, as well as accurately shoot at a designated qualification target. Handling procedures are graded by the instructor during practical application, and shooting proficiency is determined by the score the student receives after shooting 25 rounds at a life-sized silhouette. Students are required to shoot from distances of 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50 yards.


  • Safe Handling & Operation

  • Montana State Law / Montana Code Annotated

  • Mindset and Daily Preparation

  • Carry Options and Holsters

  • Family and Friends Response During a Violent Encounter

  • Core Shooting Fundamentals

  • Proficiency of Mechanics

  • Marksmanship

  • Advanced Processing

  • Malfunctions & Stoppages

  • Barricades and Cover



  • Pistol with 3 magazines

  • Holster

  • Firm Belt

  • Magazine Pouch (should hold 2 mags)

  • 300 Rounds of pistol ammo

  • Ear protection

  • Eye protection

  • Ball cap

  • Water 

  • Lunch and snacks

This in-depth 8-hour Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) Course will be taught by Professional Instructors with decades of real-world concealed carry experience. With the world becoming more and more viloent, we feel every citizen should have the opportunity to participate in training that will not only benefit them and their families, but their community as well. Please check the calendar above for course dates. Cost for the course is $150.00

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