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Close Quarters Operations (High Risk)


Specifically developed for LE/Mil Tactical Operators that are tasked with high risk entries, this course is designed around vetted principles and tactics for Close Quarters Operations that may be incorporated by Tactical Officers, Narcotic Officers and Medical Responders. Emphasis is placed on initiative based techniques that enhance success in officers decisiveness and maneuverability. This course develops "forward thinkers" using techniques that are proven in hostile situations and dispel common misconceptions associated with close quarters operations. Emphasis will be placed on single/multiple rooms, hallways, stairways and complex structure designs. During this course students will conduct daily force on force scenarios and have a graded live exercise at the conclusion of the training.


Course Topics:

  • ​Intelligence Considerations

  • Mission Planning

  • Team Member Assignments

  • Entry Methods (old and new)

  • Single / Multiple Rooms

  • Threshold Eval / Step Outs

  • Stairways / Hallways

  • Alternate Entries

  • Breaching Techniques


Close Quarters Operations THREEOD

Note: This is a closed course.

Must be current Law Enforcement

assisgned to a Tactical Team, or related assignment where entry work is required.


Required Gear:

  • Tactical Body Armor

  • Ballistic Helmet

  • Ballistic Eye Protection

  • Blue Guns (if issued)

  • Issued Rifle (M4/AR/AR10)

  • Issued Pistol w/ Holster

  • 4 Rifle Magazines

  • 3 Pistol Magazines

  • Light Source

  • Chem Lights (10)

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